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22 Jul 2022

Full-Time Jr Scrum Master + QA Manager

Susan@authentise.com – Posted by Susan@authentise.com Anywhere

Job Description

Description This role places you at the heart of the company. This person is responsible for overseeing the journey of features from rough ideas from a customer or business owner, into a completed and tested feature, and finally successful use of the feature by SAAS customers. As part of both the software and the customer success teams, you are interested in technology but not sure you actually want to work on the underlying code every day.

This role requires strong analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to properly prioritize and multitask. You will be working with technology experts to set timelines and goals in an Agile environment. This is the perfect growth role for somebody who wants the autonomy to learn fast, surrounded by seasoned professionals to guide them, and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty with the detail. You’ll gain confidence and experience as several aspects of the role require full ownership (sprint management, medical validation) and you will quickly demonstrate your ability to add value to the process. This role puts you on the right track to taking over as Senior Scrum Master/Project Manager or a Product Owner/Manager in the future.

Authentise works closely with our clients to design and deliver details that make a difference in every-day manufacturing operations. This means that delivery is often time-sensitive. You will be able to work in stressful situations, and have the capacity to do so while keeping everybody around you calm and focused.


In this role, you will:

  • be responsible for critical systems being tested on a regular basis. You don’t have to do it all yourself, but you will be responsible to: coordinate the testing team, self test, establish Steps to Reproduce (STR), and file tickets.
  • be responsible for making sure that developer tickets have requisite level of detail, STR’s, and coordinate assignment to the right individual.
  • assist in designing each 2 week sprint to ensure that each developer has the appropriate amount of work, their tasks align with organizational priorities, and they are being set up to succeed.
  • help developers during sprint execution by reminding them of priorities, protecting them from distractions, elaborating on tasks, and more.
  • develop processes: help us grow as a team by becoming more efficient in the way we process customer feedback, test, and get ready for the next sprints. That means improving the way we communicate, estimate, store and more.
  • ensure QA is done before production release (with others but may involve manual testing yourself) + coordinate release cycle.
  • be responsible for medical software validation to GPSV,
  • report back on overall progress: Interpret and Aanalyze tools such as burndown charts etc. and report provide feedback to the management team.

Your time will be spent roughly as follows: Scrum Tasks (Story grooming and Sprint Management) (540%), Test/QA Management (340%), Customer queries (20%)

Required Skills

Your formal experience is not essential to use, but you will need these skills:

  • Ability to handle competing priorities: Experience managing competing priorities. Ideally, this would have been in a project setting, in which you have to determine which items lie on the critical path.
  • Ability to communicate clearly: A proven history of both verbal and written communication which uses clear, concise language. You risk over communicating when informing your partners and coworkers of project status.
  • Ability to work independently: You can show how you’ve managed projects and crises independently in the past while meeting deadlines and with great attention to detail.
  • Interest in working as a Team: You understand that despite our individual efforts, everything is accomplished with some reliance on others. You seek to foster an environment that enables this effective collaboration.
  • Ability to communicate clearly: A proven history of both verbal and written communication which uses clear, concise language. You risk over communicating when informing your partners and coworkers of project status.
  • Ability to manage plans in unexpected scenarios. For example, traveling internationally, organizing conferences or events. Past experience of completing a plan, despite unexpected issues.
  • Understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle: You have been part (or at least witnessed) a team that develops software products in a typical team setting with key processes such as code reviews & check-in, and more.

Desired Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in either a technical or analytical subject
  • Intimate knowledge of Agile and Scrum methodologies
  • Experience managing Sscrums. If not, maybe you can point to instances where you have managed teams, clubs, or groups of colleagues.
  • Experience with developer ticket management systems like clubhouse, Jira, or Git Issues.
  • Experience with customer ticketing systems like Zendesk, and client communication
  • Understanding of (or ideally experience in) key programming languages: python, react.js, or go.

Note We may be small, but we take our commitment to a diverse workplace really seriously and measure our success rigorously. Diversity of thought, background and action makes us better so you would be doing us a favour by applying if you consider yourself from a diverse background even if you don’t quite hit all the requirements above. Maybe add a short note. And if you have any feedback about how we could change our outreach, positioning, or requirements to attract more diverse talent, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $33,000.00 – $52,000.00 per year

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Job Types: Full-Time. Salaries: Not Disclosed.


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