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5 Jan 2023

Full-Time Curriculum Writer

courtneylowe – Posted by courtneylowe Anywhere

Job Description

Title: Curriculum Writer (12 month contract term)

Reporting to: Director of Curriculum

Location: Remote

Salary: $70,000

Organizational Overview

CodePath.org is an early-stage nonprofit dedicated to offering an accelerated pathway into the technology industry for college students all across the US, with an emphasis on serving underserved, low-income, and first-generation students. We offer various courses and services to students both directly on-campuses at colleges and remotely using video classrooms with instructors and TAs. All of these courses and services are provided to students entirely free of any cost, funded directly by the technology industry in order to invest in the next generation of talented software engineers.

Our vision is that every student in college, regardless of background or personal circumstances, should have the opportunity, skills, network, and pathways available to become a confident and successful software engineer in the tech industry. CodePath.org develops and delivers a wide variety of programs and supports students over multiple years, reaching students in college starting before Freshman year and then all the way through to post-graduation and entering full-time software roles.

CodePath.org provides curriculum and programs for college students all across the United States, often offered for-credit at campuses, including at many HBCUs, HSIs, women’s colleges, and state colleges. CodePath.org is supported directly by the technology industry, including Microsoft, Meta, Walmart.org, and many more.

For more information, check out our website at CodePath.org.

About the Role

80% of minority Computer Science students will drop out before graduation, and we believe it’s a problem of inspiration, support, and access. We have an opportunity to improve the college Computer Science experience for tens of thousands of students at over a hundred universities. We add on-campus industry courses and career support that make our students 3X more likely to succeed in tech. Specifically, our programs start with inspiring students and then build towards required masteries providing proper support systems and pathways along the way. The goal is to successfully create pathways for students into the industry with a high degree of preparedness and confidence.

We’re financially supported by great partners like Meta, Microsoft, and many others that believe that we’re creating systemic change, and you would be a big part of that impact.

Students often tell us that our industry, project-based courses are their favorite CS experiences. Professors love that we handle curriculum updates, grading, and student technical support. Best of all, our courses are free for students and universities.

Your role as a full-time curriculum writer will be to support the creation and maintenance of project-based, industry-relevant curriculum that inspires students and builds their confidence and mastery in software development.

What’s the job like?

As a technical curriculum writer, you will learn new technologies, design new curriculum, and continuously improve existing curriculum based on student feedback.

The ideal curriculum is anchored in industry relevance and context, is well-paced, and foundational concepts are integrated into interesting and entertaining projects. Curriculum should be inclusive to varying levels of weekly time commitment, different programming backgrounds, and varied cultural experiences.

New course development will span 3-6 months, and existing courses will have upgrade sprints after each course retrospective.

Key Activities

  • Learning and developing your domain knowledge across specific courses.
  • Auditing our existing courses to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Working on the development of new courses under the leadership of a Curriculum Developer.
  • Updating and creating course content including syllabi, videos, labs, assignments, reading lists, guides and tutorials, and all other material that comprises our coursework.
  • Curriculum editing taking place on Github using Git, Markdown, Google Slides, and a custom learning management system. Editing of our curriculum is quite a bit like creating technical documentation on Github.

What CodePath courses are currently offered to students?

The purpose of CodePath courses are to inspire early CS/STEM students with applied skills that they’ll actually use in industry. For more experienced CS students, the purpose of CodePath courses are to build mastery of skills required to get a technical internship or full-time job, as well as succeed in their early career.

As such, CodePath courses range in level from beginner to advanced, and are designed to prepare students for various technical careers or for the technical algorithm interview. Pathways include:

  • Web Development
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technical Interview Prep
  • Summer Internship for Tech Excellence (SITE)

We run most of our courses as full-length semester-long courses (blended between instruction/labs and online content) either running directly on campuses across the US or via virtual classrooms with live instructors/TAs. We serve thousands of students every year across various courses and auxiliary workshops offered entirely for free.

Our courses include a unique blended learning platform (built specifically for our courses), grading/feedback on submissions, responsive student technical support, live instruction from industry experts, and TAs/mentors to support and guide student learning. Our courses/programs fit into four impact categories: programs to inspire students early on in their college journey, programs to fill in gaps in software fundamentals and technical interviewing, programs to provide highly practical in-demand skills such as cybersecurity or mobile development, and career center workshops and fairs to directly connect students to industry internships and roles.

You can read more about our programs and philosophies in-depth by checking out our Learning at CodePath handbook.

Note: Research suggests that women and BIPOC individuals may self-select out of opportunities if they don’t meet 100% of the job requirements. We encourage individuals who believe they have the skills necessary to thrive at CodePath to apply for this role.


Our ideal candidate has experience working in education and curriculum, excellent written communication skills, and creativity in curriculum design. They will also have a demonstrated commitment to CodePath.org’s mission and vision of equity in education. Additional qualifications include:

  • Computer Science adjacent degree or equivalent experience
  • Content area experience in one or more of the following areas: Web Development, iOS Development, Android Development, Cybersecurity
  • Teaching experience (TA or instructor)
  • Bonus: experience working in a startup or non-profit environment

CodePath Core Values

  • We keep our promises to students
  • We exist to empower others
  • We encourage and celebrate diversity
  • We believe in continuous growth and excellence
  • We love to experiment and try new things


We are committed to professional growth and fulfillment at work. Benefits include:

  • Medical insurance with dental and vision.
  • Remote-friendly environment.
  • Supportive and collaborative work environment.
  • Generous time off with a flexible workplace and work schedule.
  • A commitment to developing leaders from within the organization.
  • Frequent opportunities to connect with students, universities, and communities we serve.
  • Opportunities to engage, collaborate, and partner with top technology companies, venture capitalists, and engineering leaders in Silicon Valley.

About the Current Team

We are individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, and unlikely stories, all connected by a single dream: a world in which regardless of background, socioeconomic status, gender, or race all people have pathways to reach their full potential.

With a staff and board that cares deeply about diversity and equity, we believe that diverse perspectives and backgrounds create a richer work environment and enhance our ability to pursue our mission.

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