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Working at Mary McDowell Friends School
Mary McDowell Friends School is a Quaker school for students with learning disabilities. Our culture is rooted in shared values and beliefs that have developed over the past thirty-five years as we have grown from a school serving five students in the basement of the Brooklyn Quaker Meeting House to one serving 400 students, with over 180 staff and faculty in three divisions.

Mary McDowell Friends School aspires to be a learning environment that addresses diversity and equity with integrity and action. Our community reflects diversity in many ways, including but not limited to race, color, culture, age, sex, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity, family composition, ethnicity, nationality, religious expression, and physical and learning disabilities. We are opposed to discrimination and build on the Quaker testimonies to guide us in creating a safe and respectful school environment.

At Mary McDowell Friends School:
-We believe all students can learn in an environment designed to support their needs.
-We believe our students are brave and fearless learners.

At Mary McDowell Friends School, Faculty and Staff:
-Recognize that working in a school environment requires all participants to engage in the learning process and set goals that ensure that they are continually reflecting and growing in their respective roles at the school;
-Work with colleagues who see students with learning disabilities through the lens of possibility rather than failure;
-Celebrate academic achievements at all levels;
-Recognize that differentiation means meeting students’ needs;
-Are committed to students getting what they need to learn;
-Are encouraged to be their best selves.

At Mary McDowell Friends School:
-We value community.
-We engage in collaborative work.
-We celebrate successes together.
-We roll up our sleeves and address challenges together.
-We laugh together and hold each other up when times are hard.
-We find a common purpose for why, what, and how we execute our mission.
-We are all learners!

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