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Remove Gay Cure App from Google Play – Take Action Now

Posted by | June 5, 2013 | News

Cure yourself of being black, of being straight, of being white, of being gay, of having brown hair. How would you feel if there where apps for all of those?

Apple have removed one such app from iTunes recently (although many are many are complaining that it should never have been published as it is easily defined as ‘hate-media’) , however Google have left the ‘Gay Cure’ application on their Play store. Please read on to see how you can help.

The majority of people come to realise that you don’t get to decide whom you are attracted to, and that the ethics of an application like this are equivalent to producing an app claiming to ‘cure the heterosexuality’. However there are those whom evidently haven’t obtained such revelations, and create things like this.

It is hard for many individuals to grow up coming to terms with the fact that you’re not in the majority, whether that be due to race, colour, or sexuality, and that some people may dislike who you are through no fault of your own. It’s also well documented (1)* that growing up in an environment where there is a heterosexual norm, could very well be a reason for depression and suicide in many LGBT individuals. Hence, this app could easily contribute to self harm and suicide in LGBT individuals struggling to cope with whom they are . It’s intentions aren’t pure, and as said, can be defined as hate-media. The authors should be held responsible for any such outcomes, and Google should know better than to publish such applications.

There’s a petition to pressure Google to act more responsibly for its content  and remove the application. It’s evident by the amount of signatures (almost 100,000 already) gathered in such a short time that lots of people agree quite passionately. Usually Google are spot on with their operations, however we here at Pink Jobs think that they’ve slipped up this time.

Would ‘Cure the Blackness’ or ‘Cure the Straightness’ applications be published by Google as well?

Sign The Petition

Please visit to sign the petition and get this hate-application removed.

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