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LGBTQ+ Inclusive Workplace Policies

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A Guide to Writing LGBTQ+ Inclusive Workplace Policies

One of the main goals every employer should have is to make their workers feel safe and respected in the workplace. Depending on the field of work, this might not always be easily achievable. This is exactly why it is important for every workplace to have policies which take every member of the team into consideration.

In many countries, sexual orientation is not a category protected by the law. This can cause companies to discriminate against LGBTQ+ employees and treat them in an unfair way. Having certain policies in your workplace will help every new candidate know exactly what they are getting themselves into. Here are some steps to help you write the perfect inclusive LGBTQ+ workplace policy.

  1. Promote a positive workplace environment

In order to be able to create a more inclusive workplace, you need to start by creating a positive environment. A workplace where everyone is supported and appreciated is the ideal place for employees to feel included. Encouraging diversity in the workplace is essential, and you need to set a good example.

Diversity is found in all different types of groups. People of different ethnicities and backgrounds, as well as people with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community, should be part of any team. The more diverse a team is, the easier it will be for these people to feel like they belong. This will allow employees to feel like the place they work in is positive and accepting.

  1. Engage employees at all levels

One of the issues that many LGBTQ+ people encounter is issues with gaining promotions in their workplaces. This is not only unfair, but it can hold these people back from applying for jobs they would be great at. Encountering this issue is of great importance if you wish to hire truly capable people in your business.

The best thing you can do is offer equal opportunities to all your employees. When deciding to promote someone, take their abilities and dedication into consideration. Also, it might be a good idea to explain to your employees exactly how you decide when trying to promote someone.

Being thorough about your selection process and deciding to engage your employees at all levels of the company is essential. This will make your employees trust you and help your diverse employees feel appreciated. In addition, you will be able to hire even more skilled employees in the future. Everyone will want to join a team that is treated with respect.

  1. Create an LGBTQ+ friendly network

Another thing you can do with the support and approval of your employees is to share their stories and thoughts on social media. There is no better way to show how inclusive your company is than online. Being pro-equality is something to be celebrated, and you can do that with the help of your online social media platforms. If the LGBTQ+ employees of your company are open to share their experiences, this can prove very useful for the workplace.

On the one hand, you are directly showing other potential employees that they can be part of such an inclusive community. This way, you will attract people who will be accepting and willing to work in such an environment. Buzzfeed does exactly that, and their online audience loves how they offer work to people from all backgrounds and orientations.

In addition, it will greatly help you show your target audience that you are taking your employees and their individualities seriously. Antoine Meyers, a writer and editor at TrustMyPaper and WowGrade, says: “Your inclusive workplace policies can help you show your audience they are spending their money at a business that cares about its employees. This will help you better connect with your audience and allow your employees to express themselves freely”.

  1. Allow your employees to self-identify

A rule you should include in your workplace policy is related to the self-expression of your employees. In most workplaces, employees are not able to self-identify as LGBTQ+. This is in most cases because not everyone in the team is familiar with the terminology they need to use. This is an important issue, but it is a rather easy one to combat.

The best thing you can do in order to make everyone feel included is to teach your employees how to react to certain situations. You can ask your new or older LGBTQ+ employees to hold a bit of a training seminar for the rest of the team and supervisors. There, they can properly introduce themselves with their preferred pronouns and explain some things of importance to everyone.

This can easily be put together whenever someone new joins your team. This way, they will be able to share a little about their personality with the whole team. This will help your employees bond with each other better and help everyone feel more included and accepted.

Creating a productive and accepting workplace for everyone

Making a workplace more inclusive is not something that will happen overnight. Changing standards and including new rules is essential for change to happen. These rules will help your teams function better and allow everyone to feel like a member of your team. This will help people perform their best and attract truly talented and capable employees to your business.

Creating LGBTQ+ inclusive policies will help your company be more accepting towards others too. People with disabilities or from different ethnicities and backgrounds will also feel more included. This can help you put together very strong and productive teams. As a result, your company will grow a lot faster and become more successful in a shorter period of time.


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