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17 Nov 2021

Full-Time Senior Data Engineer

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Job Description

Upwave is the Brand Intelligence Platform. We make brand marketing more impactful. 

Upwave plans, measures, and optimizes brand marketing. With our Brand Campaign Measurement and Instant Insights products, we provide a software & data platform to the world’s largest brand marketers.

Our customers are Fortune 500 companies across multiple verticals – including CPG, food & beverage, consumer technology & telecom, and financial services – as well as the world’s largest advertising agencies and media platforms.

We are unapologetically supportive of brand advertising, and work hard every day to prove its value; we know if companies can measure the value of those dollars, they’ll spend more.  Brand advertising pays for not only the TV we watch and music we hear, but the journalism we read and the information we access.  In short, brand advertising supports the free flow of information through society.  So, we’re proud to be the first company dedicated to using data science to show enterprises the true effectiveness of their brand spend.

We are backed by leading venture investors (Y Combinator, Uncork Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Initialized Capital, PivotNorth, Ridge Ventures, Industry Ventures, Conductive Ventures,) and leading MarTech founders & CEOs.

We’re a humble but ambitious team that takes its work seriously but never ourselves.  Come join us.

The most successful companies understand that data and analysis are the foundation of any effective business strategy. Modern enterprises live and breathe data that they leverage through all sorts of dedicated analytics platforms: customer, product, supply chain, finance, etc. But until now, there’s never been an effective software solution to understand, measure, and optimize companies’ most important asset: their brand.

Upwave is a venture-funded startup building the Brand Intelligence Platform. We offer a comprehensive set of tools that help our Fortune 100 clients understand and improve how they’re perceived in the marketplace, how aware consumers are of the value they provide, and how much consumers trust them to provide the value they promise.

Everything we do rests on a foundation of data, and as a backend / data engineer you’ll help us extend that foundation and keep it robust and strong. We deal with complex, fast-moving data at massive scale and we integrate with a wide array of partners who don’t always hold themselves to the highest standards of data integrity. You’ll need to be creative and crafty to make sure the necessary data always arrives in the right place at the right time to enable our clients to use our platform to make $10+ million budget allocation decisions.

Upwave’s business is growing rapidly and we’re looking for a deeply experienced, deeply knowledgeable technical leader who can help us architect and build a new generation of big data systems and partner integrations to carry our business into the next phase of growth. Our systems deal with tens of billions of data points each month, and you’ll be one of the primary people responsible for making sure that our capacity goes up even as our costs go down. Although this isn’t a management role, we do expect you to play a key role in training the rest of our data team and in setting and maintaining the highest technical standards while also serving as a role-model for healthy, collaborative communication.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Creating and maintaining data ingestion, transformation, storage, and analysis systems that are critical to our ability to meet our obligations to our customers and to deliver market-leading new products and features.
  • Introducing and applying cutting-edge technologies and techniques around big data, distributed systems, analytics, microservices, data pipelines, and observability.
  • Owning projects through their entire lifecycle, from conception to architecture to implementation to maintenance.
  • Growing our team both through helping shape our future hiring and through inspiring, mentoring, and upskilling our existing engineers.
  • Embodying and modeling the discipline of practical, professional engineering in your day to day development process and practices.

What we’re looking for:

  • You get excited about billions of events and terabytes of data.
  • You know how to design large scale systems that are reliable, scalable, efficient, maintainable, extensible, and elegant.
  • You deeply understand the power and promise of distributed systems, and you have enough experience building them to know where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them. Idempotence excites you. You love the feeling of seeing a powerful computing cluster fully and efficiently utilized.
  • You are familiar with the Apache big data ecosystem. No one has used every tool, but you should have used several of them in production (and you should know the basics of most of the major players). You should be able to intelligently discuss the tradeoffs that different tools make, and e.g. when to use Hadoop vs. Spark or Hive vs. Presto or Hbase vs. Cassandra.
  • You’ve used a lot of the services in a major public cloud (preferably AWS).
  • You love to learn. You understand that nothing stands still in technology, and you’re excited when newly available tools unlock new and radically better ways of solving problems. But you also know when to apply tried and tested tools and techniques.
  • You have strong hands-on experience writing enterprise-grade applications and services in  Kotlin, Java,  or another language on the JVM.
  • You understand that your software runs on computers (but you architect things so you spend the minimum amount of time possible thinking about that).
  • You are a strong believer in best and efficient software development principles and processes.
  • You thrive on the energy of operating in a fast-paced, ever-changing startup atmosphere. You are a self-starter and you love working self-driven in a dynamic team.
  • We don’t have a formal requirement around years of experience. The typical candidate who’s reached the necessary level for this role has more than 7 years of professional experience and more than 2 working specifically on distributed systems and/or with the Apache big data ecosystem. But we care more about what you’ve accomplished than about how many years you’ve spent doing it.

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with Kotlin, Java, Spring Boot, DynamoDB, Athena, Cassandra, EMR, Kubernetes, Hive, Presto.
  • Expertise in designing and developing scalable, robust and high performing backend services including efficient and optimized API and protocol design.
  • You know when and how to develop utilize microservices but you also understand the trade-offs when applying SOA
  • Solid DevOps experience. You understand that operational systems are everyone’s responsibility, and perhaps you’ve deployed and maintained your own cluster.
  • Experience with marketing or advertising technology.

Why You’ll Like Working Here:

  • Upwave is an engineering-first company. We believe high velocity comes from high efficiency, not high effort. And we believe that the development we do must be sustainable for the entire team. We set priorities rather than deadlines, we don’t crunch, we work reasonable hours, and engineers and managers actually take vacations.
  • Upwavers treat each other well. We screen for people who are unusually caring, and who want to collaborate and know how to do it effectively and compassionately.
  • Upwave is actually disrupting (in the Clayton Christensen sense) a major industry by offering functionality that our users can’t find anywhere else, at a technology-enabled price point that our services-oriented competitors structurally can’t match. The media industry is going through major tectonic shifts, and at Upwave you’ll both observe and influence the media industry’s reinvention.
  • You’ll work with teams using modern technologies (e.g. React, Kubernetes, AWS) to solve cutting edge problems. Upwave is not just another software-as-a-service tool; we’re an intuitive user-interface on top of a deep and complex business workflow that requires:
    • collecting hundreds of billions of advertising events, using them intelligently to collect consumer sentiment data, applying recently published (and in some cases, internally invented) causal inference and machine learning techniques to derive statistically valid conclusions, presenting those conclusions to end users in a way that empowers them to make genuinely better business decisions.
  • We’re “post product market fit”, meaning that we’re far enough along in our journey to know that we’re building something real users find valuable enough to pay (handsomely) for. But we’re playing in a huge market, and we’re early enough along that each individual engineer and engineering leader can still have a pivotal impact on our product and on the overall trajectory and success of our business.
  • We’re a remote-first team, with members spanning half the globe (but only one half, to ensure everyone can talk live when we need to). You’ll work with extremely talented engineers from different states, countries, and cultures, and you’ll get to learn about their diverse backgrounds and fascinating day-to-day experiences and life stories.
  • We offer highly competitive compensation, benefits, and employee equity.

Upwave is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

How to Apply

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