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8 Nov 2022

Full-Time Production Assistant – Posted by Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Job Description

These days, most “leaders” are just managers. At Grow Mighty Leaders, Inc. we believe in a world where the strongest teams are led instead by mighty leaders, inside and out. 

We’re seeking a Production Assistant to support our fearless leader Say in creating video, written, and audio content every week

We’re the founders of the Grow Mighty Movement, a collective of team leaders, entrepreneurs, and biz leaders committed to changing the toxic workplace culture that has dominated the 21st century. We offer free content as well as simple subscription-based training and consulting to train leaders and teams to increase purpose, connection, and productivity. 

To achieve this, we distil proven research into inclusive mini courses that equips you to:

  • Earn trust and respect instead of demanding it
  • Motivate through care & consideration instead of coercion
  • Deliver clear expectations and satisfying experiences instead of playing it by ear
  • Grow more connected and resilient from adversity, instead of burned out

That’s us. As for you? 

If you’re the right fit, you’re probably the kind of person who isn’t afraid to push back and speak your mind even when it’s uncomfortable. You know your way around working in the cloud and you’ve done some digital creation yourself, whether that’s writing, video, audio, or graphics. 

When we’re not in the studio recording or helping out with pre/post-production, you’ll spend time being the mighty guardian of Say’s limited time and energy. 

We like to imagine you’ll be Gandalf holding your staff strong saying “you shall not pass.” In truth, it’s more like screening emails and calendar invites. You’ll also be supporting Say with internet research, filling out forms, that sort of thing.

Maybe you’re the organized one in your friend circle, or consider yourself a completionist. You love a challenge, you love to create, you crave meaningful work, and you’d like a mentor to guide and teach you… but you recoil in horror at the thought of committing yourself to corporate hell. 

Sound like you? Read on…


1. Overview

What It Is

You’ll work with us for around 24 hours each week, spread out over 4 days. If we’re a good fit and you’re interested in more hours, we’ll discuss bumping you up to full-time (32 hrs/wk).

Mostly you’ll be contributing in three ways:

  1. Be a production assistant: 
    • Help record & upload video + audio content
    • Help pre/post production with one of:
      • Basic writing, such as drafts/editing
      • Basic video or audio editing
      • Basic graphic design
    • Various data-entry & research tasks
  1. Be a gatekeeper: 
    • Keep Say’s calendar and capacity aligned
    • Screen, sort, and summarize email day to day
    • Follow up on action items with Say until done
  1. Be an accountability support:
    • Workshop ideas and processes live
    • Talk through tasks and outcomes
    • Mutual physical check-ins

Work will be a combo of remote and physical. Fully remote considered for the right person. And training fully provided.

We welcome applications from fellow BIPOC, neurodivergent, or queer humans. Also, let us know if you’re a student or under 30… that way we can leverage government funding to subsidize a higher starting wage for you.  


The Skills We Seek

We’re looking for someone who’s competent in:

  • Cloud systems like Gsuite, Slack, etc
  • Email & calendar management
  • Creating or producing content for the web
  • Taking charge of their own work
  • Research, data entry, and form filling
  • Working with a remote team

The Approach/Aptitude We Seek

  • Driven
  • Completionist
  • Strategic
  • Blunt
  • Systematic
  • Critical thinking

The Values We Seek

This is the code of behavior that we follow and believe in:

Lead By Example

  • Consider diverse perspectives
  • Own your outcome

Radical Wellness

  • Build regenerative systems
  • Treat wellness and care as states of action

Courage Over Comfort

  • Use failure as a stepping stone to success
  • Do work that’s worth it

Systems that Simplify

  • Aim for progress over perfection
  • Embrace iterative process

…does this resonate with you?

You are:

  • Passionate about diversity 
  • At least somewhat familiar and very interested in learning a form of content production: content/copy, video, audio, and/or graphic design
  • A lover of remote work but also interested in personal contact and a tight-knit team


Who We Are


We currently have 3 team members: Say, Sveta, and Juan. 

Say – Strategy, finances, marketing lead, content creation.
Sveta – Project management, outcome management, people management.
Juan – Systems & tech, product management, marketing apprentice.

You’ll be working with Say the most. Juan and Sveta are in Colombia and Chile respectively, so you’ll be engaging with them mostly remotely.


2. Specifics

We are primarily a remote team, but since we create videos, podcasts, and copy, preference will be given to someone who is local and can show up on site most days. 

We value fit above all though, so if you’re seeking fully remote work you can still apply, just be prepared to wow us with your creation or production skills. 

Essentially, our fearless leader Sayata is brilliant but a wee bit struggling with executive function. That’s time management, self regulation, focus, and related stuff. So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help fill in the admin gaps.

Computer task examples:

  • Data entry
  • Working with cloud systems
  • Video uploading
  • Sorting and responding to emails
  • Researching and organizing lists for awards, podcasts, directories, etc
  • Filling out applications + forms for above
  • Putting together and placing internet orders
  • Managing Say’s schedule, particularly meetings 
  • Researching & filling out application forms 
  • Basic social media posting & management (optional) 

Content production examples:

  • Setting up lights, mics, and cams
  • Setting up shots 
  • Uploading video & simple edits

Depending on whether you have an aptitude for graphics, video, copy, or something else, we’ll lean more into tasks that fit your experience and desire.

Most days, if you’re local you’ll be working with Say out of her home studio in Roberts Creek, BC. The average day will be a mix of working on your own, joining meetings remotely, and working with Say directly. We will provide a computer and equipment onsite, although you can bring your own if you prefer.  

Stuff you’ll gain practical experience in:

  • Strategic planning 
  • Copywriting & marketing strategy
  • Leadership skills like time, resource, outcome, and people management
  • Resilience skills like building inclusion, conflict resolution, navigating trauma
  • Productivity skills like processes & systems
  • How to put together a digital course

Here’s a rough breakdown of what a day might look like:

Task Day:

8 or 9 AM –  Work through the day’s schedule with Say
9:30 to 11:30 AM – Computer focus blocks with regular check-ins
11:30 to 12:30 – Lunch break
12:30-2 – Remote meetings or solo work

Record Day:

8 AM – Arrival, scheduling discussion for day
8:30 – Set up recording equipment, start recording
10:30 – Break time
11:15 – Recording Block 2
1:15 – Wrap up time & review
2 – End of day 


What You Get

Compensation matters! We believe in compensating people excellently who do excellent work.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • $23-27/hr CAD to start, based on experience.
  • Regular raise opportunities for meeting clearly defined outcomes.
  • Health benefits after 3 months, including mental health, massage, dental, and more.

We also believe that compensation is more than just money. Here are some of the things people who’ve worked with us have said are their fav parts of the team:

  • Feeling safe to be yourself at work
  • Working with incredibly smart and compassionate people
  • Having a boss who leads by example instead of just talking big about wellness & inclusion

How to Apply

We believe that resumes are boring and biased. So we’ve put together a series of interactive assessments for you to directly show us what you can do. There are 3 of them: Approach - How you think and approach tasks and situations Skills - Specific experience and abilities you need to be successful Values - Your core beliefs on what acceptable behavior looks like Each has about 10 questions, and a mix of question types. You will need to answer at least one video question so make sure you have a webcam and headset. You’ll also have a fixed timeline to complete the assessment once you start, so make sure you keep that in mind. That said, we get that life happens–don’t be afraid to ask for an extension if you need it. Click here to apply: You can do them all at once or one after the other, it’s up to you! Any applications not submitted through the link above will be discarded.

Job Categories: Equal Opportunities. Job Types: Full-Time. Job Tags: LGBTIQA+ REMOTE. Salaries: 20,000 - 40,000.

Job expires in 10 days.

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