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7 Jun 2021

Full-Time Police Officer

OshkoshHR2020 – Posted by OshkoshHR2020 Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States

Job Description

The Patrol Officer is a non-supervisory, entry level position of the Oshkosh Police Department and is a representative of the City of Oshkosh and the State of Wisconsin. As such, is governed by legal and ethical standards of the highest nature. The Patrol Officer’s philosophy must be one of dedication to the public service setting aside personal interests for the interests of the common good.

The Patrol Officer is a member of the Patrol Services Bureau (PSB) under supervision of the PSB Commander, the Shift Commander and Sergeant. The duties of a Patrol Officer are to protect, regulate and serve the citizens of the community as they go about their daily activities. The Patrol Officer must be able to perform these duties without benefit of immediate supervision, as well as working as a team with other employees. The Patrol Officer is required to garner a complete knowledge of Department policies, procedures, and job methods relating to work assignments. The Patrol Officer must have a working knowledge of Federal laws, State statutes, and City ordinances and must exhibit a great amount of discretion when dealing with the citizens of the community. The Patrol Officer must be physically fit to perform his/her duties and responsibilities.

Duties performed on a frequent basis include, but are not limited to the following:
• Arrest persons with and without warrants and assist in prosecutions as required.
• Investigate any complaint assigned and take appropriate actions.
• Conduct follow-up investigations whenever necessary during the normal course of an investigation or upon special request, and utilize Departmental records.
• Identify and investigate suspicious vehicles, persons or situations.
• Be prepared for court and testify in court in an honest, impartial and convincing manner, while keeping in mind he/she is a witness relating facts so that the court may pass judgment.
• Address all persons in a firm, courteous manner to develop trust, respect and confidence in the officer and the Department.
• Check traffic for motorists who need assistance and provide them with such aid as is practical under the circumstances. Render assistance to all persons and give reliable information in a courteous manner.
• Stop vehicles to inspect operators’ licenses and investigate, cite or arrest occupants.
• Issue appropriate warnings, citations and summons to violators as guided by departmental policy.
• Regulate traffic on roads when such action is necessary to facilitate the movement of traffic. Check the speed of vehicles using radar, laser and pacing.
• Investigate all traffic accidents occurring in the City and conduct a complete inquiry into the accident to ascertain the cause or causes of the accident and issue traffic citations when appropriate.
• Observe and report all traffic hazards.
• Check vehicles abandoned or parked in unusual locations.
• Enforce bicycle laws.
• Enforce all parking ordinances.
• Keep abreast of new and innovative law enforcement techniques and ideas to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
• Attend community group meetings as assigned and work at promoting public relations, while constantly striving to promote a positive image of the Department through demonstration of a superior caliber of service to the public.
• Operate Police equipment as efficiently and effectively as possible under a variety of conditions and in accordance with law and established procedures. This includes vehicles, weap¬ons, computer equipment and radio equipment.
• Maintain personal equipment, such as uniforms, guns, handcuffs, etc., in good repair. Personal equipment must be complete, neat and in good working order.
• Maintain patrol vehicles in good condition and take all reasonable precautions to avoid accidents while driving. Inspect and report all vehicle defects in need of correction to a supervisor.
• Have all the necessary materials and equipment in his/her vehicle to properly meet responsibilities.
• Be responsible for maintenance of issued policies and policy manual and familiarization with all issued documents is required.
• Complete all required reports and forms and turn in any associated material promptly.
• Constantly seek information concerning all types of law violations and public hazards w¬ithin patrol areas and either take action or relay the information to the proper Department section.
• Constantly strive to cultivate the contacts essential to good law enforcement work.
• Patrol in a manner intended to provide the greatest deterrent value and service to citizens.
• Take control of any emergency situation at which the officer is present.
• Subdue attacking/resisting persons.
• Handcuff and transport suspects or prisoners.
• Evacuate persons from dangerous areas and administer first aid including CPR.
• Respond to assigned requests for service and alarms.
• Coordinate actions of other officers arriving as back-up.
• Request and interpret TYME and NCIC information.
• Mediate civil disputes.
• Work to identify and resolve community problems using problem solving and Community Policing techniques and models.

Duties performed on a regular basis include, but are not limited to the following:
• Convey to the appropriate department or community resource any information obtained relating to a violation of criminal law that is not a direct responsibility of this Department.
• Serve all assigned warrants promptly, regardless of whether the source of the warrant is this or another department.
• Participate in formal training programs.
• Conduct Tavern inspections checking licenses and the ages of patrons.
• Check commercial or private buildings for burglaries or damage.
• Conduct searches at open doors and crime scenes in accordance with established procedures.
• Direct responding units at crimes in progress in accordance with established procedures.
• Assist other law enforcement agencies upon request, if the request is compatible with departmental policy.

Duties performed on an occasional basis include, but are not limited to the following:
• Assist and work in time of special assignment, sudden emergency or unusual occurrences at this or other agencies when such assistance is needed.
• Assist with training, planning, research and policy development as assigned.
• Participate in raids and warrant service.
• Perform other tasks as assigned.

Requisite Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Thorough knowledge of Department policies, procedures and rules governing the operation of the Police Department.
• Working knowledge of Federal laws, State statutes, and City ordinances.
• Considerable knowledge of modern police principles.
• Proficient in written and verbal English language.
• Knowledge of the City and other governmental agencies and persons responsible for other enforcement activities in the area.
• Thorough and complete knowledge of all sections of the State laws and City ordinances dealing with traffic.
• Ability to keep accurate records.
• Ability to work cooperatively with fellow employees, other police agencies and the public.
• Ability to evaluate programs and needs of the police function and to suggest improvement.
• Ability to communicate verbally and in writing both in person and via radio and computer.
• Physically able to perform the duties required of the position of Patrol Officer, including but not limited to:
a. The use of equipment and weapons commonly used by law enforcement officers; and,
b. The ability to perform use of force tactics commonly called Defensive and Arrest Tactics; and,
c. Ability to physically assist and direct people in various situations.
• Ability to have binocular visual acuity corrected to 20/20.
• Ability to hear and understand normal conversational speech.
• Ability to complete the standardized course to achieve Wisconsin Law Enforcement certification.

Job Requirements
• A Patrol Officer shall participate in the annual in-service training program.
• Patrol officers hired after January 1, 1989, shall be required to wear protective body armor for all patrol activities and requested to actively participate in an annual physical fitness test.
• Patrol officers hired after January 1, 1993 shall be required to submit to a full exposure to OC spray for qualification purposes.

• Educational Requirements:
a. An Associate Degree in any field; or
b. A Bachelors Degree in any field; or
c. Earned 60 credits from an accredited college or university.
• Possess a valid driver’s license at the time of employment.
• Be at least 20 years of age.
• Be a United States citizen.
• Have No felony or Domestic Abuse related convictions.


Selection Timetable:

Advertising / Recruitment (6 weeks)..…….June 1, 2021

Application Deadline…………………….July 13, 2021

Written Test Administered……………………..July 24, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., Oshkosh Convention Center
(Makeup tests available by appointment only)

Assessment Center & Panel Interview……………….August 4, 5, 6 and 7, 2021, Oshkosh PD
(August 7th is reserved for candidates who are currently in a police recruit academy)

Physical Agility Test ………………..August 8, 2021 at 10:00 a.m., Oshkosh North High School Track

Background Investigations……………August 9-31, 2021

Chief’s Interview……………..Late August – September 10, 2021 (after passing the Background Investigation)

Eligibility List………………Subject to passing the above steps

Medical / Psychological Examination…………..Following Conditional Offer of Employment

Police and Fire Commission Appointment ………..Beginning in October 2021 as needed

Recruit Academy ……………………..Starting January 6, 2022 (if needed and subject to hire as a Police Cadet)

Field Training Program …….………Upon hire and/or completion of Recruit Academy

Candidates who are unsuccessful in the completion of any stage of the hiring process will be notified by the Department within thirty days of their ineligibility. Applicants who are eliminated during any stage of the process may reapply and re-test after a period of 4 months from the date of the written test.

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How to Apply

Apply: https://selfservice.ci.oshkosh.wi.us/ess/EmploymentOpportunities/JobDetail.aspx?req=21021104&sreq=1&form=2PD&desc=POLICE%20OFFICER

Job Types: Full-Time.

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