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10 Apr 2023

Full-Time Chief of Staff

Transhealth – Posted by University of California, Berkeley Northampton, Massachusetts, United States

Job Description

Chief of Staff


Northampton, MA

The Opportunity

Transhealth seeks a passionate, thoughtful, and outside-the-box thinker to join their team as Chief of Staff (COS) to further their mission, impact, and growth agenda. Reporting directly to the CEO, the ideal candidate will have superior interpersonal and coaching skills with proven ability to lead through influence during a time of growth and change. The Chief of Staff will be accountable for the capability and competence of all individuals within the organization. They will be adept at providing tools and development experiences that enable people to grow, building a sense of enjoyment, fulfillment, and belonging in the organization. Skilled in organizational development, the Chief of Staff will create processes where individual competencies roll up to organizational competencies.

The Chief of Staff will possess an instinctive ability to ensure all employees feel valued, understand their value in the organization, and grow in their capabilities as the organization expands. In deep partnership with both the CEO and COO, the Chief of Staff will build, maintain, and enhance a people first culture guiding employees to reach their full potential while simultaneously collaborating with the Executive Team and engaging with Board participation.

The Chief of Staff will have considerable experience and capabilities related to Organizational Development (OD), Operations, and Change Management. Leading with genuine curiosity, they will embody flexibility and employ a problem-solving mentality. This leader will bring experience working with trans and gender-diverse communities as well as Boards, clinical staff, administrative teams, and high-performing departments. Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Chief of Staff will reflect these values and morals in both their personal and professional lives.

About Transhealth

Transhealth is an independent and comprehensive healthcare center that supports and empowers trans and gender-diverse individuals and families. Throughout our history as a community, trans and gender-diverse people have looked to each other for healing, support, and affirmation. Transhealth honors that by serving as a source of hope and showing what good gender-affirming healthcare looks like.

As a trans-led organization based in Western Massachusetts, Transhealth is expanding the healthcare possibilities for the gender diverse community. Through clinical care, education, research, and advocacy, they work to secure a healthy and affirming future for all of us.

About the Team

Transhealth is building a highly skilled team, each dedicated to gender-affirming experience and care. So far, they provide adult primary care, pediatric primary care, gender-affirming hormonal care, and mental healthcare (psychiatry and psychotherapy). The team is led by Dallas Ducar,
CEO, Joan Erwin, COO, Celia Overby, Administrative Director, Dana Delgardo, NP, Primary Care
Director, Melissa Heckman, LICSW, Mental Health Director, and Kate Albright-Jenkins, Practice

The CEO, COO, and entire Leadership Team are charged with improving the quality of care, making Transhealth a great place to work, and being a vital support for the community. The Executive Team will provide the CEO with the capacity to advance a growth-based agenda.

In its first year, the Transhealth leadership team hired 25 staff members. This full-time
team included one pediatrician (Primary Care Director), one licensed independent clinical social worker (Mental Health Director), one administrative director, one fundraising lead, one communications lead, two family nurse practitioners, one psychiatric-mental health
nurse practitioner, one registered nurse, two clinical technicians, two licensed clinical social
workers, one community health worker, one community engagement specialist, two patient
services coordinators, one patient access coordinator, one practice manager, and one research
assistant. Part-time, this includes one adjunct family nurse practitioner, two adjunct therapists,
a policy and advocacy specialist, and the chair of a Research Advisory Board. In their first year of operation, staff saw over 1,200 patients and are projected to see 7,000 by 2025. In addition to their clinical work, Transhealth staff are working within their community to build connection and engagement, and advocate for affirming care across the state, region, and nation.

The second fiscal year, 2022, was firmly centered on all elements of clinical excellence.
Measures and targets for the continuous improvement of clinical excellence were defined in all aspects of operations. Measurements of clinical excellence focused on three domains: patient-reported outcome measures, patient experience, and community experience. Understanding these domains was crucial to defining and measuring clinical excellence for the main site. As these standards were defined and met, the leadership team and the Board established a thoughtful growth that will extend this vision of care to a broader constituency.

The third fiscal year, 2023, is focused on structured and planful growth. This will be based
on foundational efforts that are solidified into a central hub of operations while intentionally expanding into Hampden County and Berkshire County. Additionally, this involves refining growth models to expand primary care, mental healthcare, and community services alongside advocacy, education, and research.

2023 will be the year that Transhealth stages for expansion and culture stabilization with critical focus on high-performance development and project management, and in this spirit will prepare financially, operationally, and geographically to do so, successfully.

• Provide financial analysis and forecasting in service of improved operations and growth
• Staging the finances to fund growth needs in 2023-2025

• Refine operations to ensure efficiency and scalability
• Ensure central operations are running smoothly
• Stage operations for all necessary growth activities

• Understand the right locations for growth, assess locations viability for telehealth or brick and mortar, and conduct operational and financial analytics to stage geographic growth

Transhealth Pillars

Clinical Care
Transhealth is devoted to providing comprehensive gender-affirming care across its patients’
lifespans. Transhealth believes that healthcare is all about curiosity, authenticity, and
co-creation. Transhealth provides pediatric primary care, adult primary care, mental health care, and more. Transhealth plans to expand the current scope of offerings in the future to include additional sites throughout New England, telehealth services, pharmacy operations, and ambulatory surgery services.

Transhealth is committed to community-based participatory action research. Transhealth
believes in “nothing about us without us.” Transhealth will never research on; Transhealth will
research with. Transhealth believes that research can empower, but only if Transhealth works
together to ensure everyone is at the table. This is an exciting and groundbreaking approach
to discovering information critical to educating ourselves, our communities, and the world.

Let’s face it; there are a lot of myths and rumors out there about gender-affirming care.
Transhealth is here to provide comprehensive education for patients, clinicians, students,
families, and more. If Transhealth wants to change the healthcare landscape, it starts with
changing how Transhealth educates ourselves and our community. We grow with what we
know. This is a core pillar in our personal journey and in our journey with our community.

Transhealth exists in a dysfunctional healthcare system. Transhealth is here to participate in changing that. Transhealth will advocate to advance gender-affirming care and create a more humanistic and holistic healthcare system. Transhealth will continually fight for a more just form of healthcare. We recognize our power, the immense need, and most importantly, the ways we can make inroads to manifest policy-driven change.

Brand and Esprit de Corps
Transhealth believes everyone deserves to experience joy and passion about their work, bodies, and relationships, as well as in their communities. Transhealth is prepared to engage deeply, and fight for our patients’ right to experience that joy, passion, and self-determination. That same joie de vivre is at play every day in the clinic. Simply stated, every person who walks through the doors should feel like they belong and that Transhealth is a place where they can be themselves, authentically. It is a place where they are genuinely listened to and understood, where they learn to understand themselves, and where they discover their authentic life journey with the help of a dedicated clinical care team and community support.

To learn more about Transhealth, please visit the https://transhealth.org/.

Key Deliverables for Chief of Staff

o Drive the people side of capability for Transhealth.
o Design, develop, and deliver an effective and impactful people and culture development system that supports individuals and teams with coaching, learning, practice, and tools.
o Ensure ongoing people and culture-reinforcing practices are installed, continuously measured, and improved.
o Ensure effective decision-making and other best practices are installed, continuously measured, and improved.
o Ensure project management practices are installed, continuously measured, and improved.

Candidate Profile

The Chief of Staff will be a nimble and respected leader with exceptional organizational development skills, working knowledge of appreciative inquiry, and the interpersonal tools to guide staff toward greater organizational purpose and growth. Oversight for Transhealth’s core people services, this leader will be enthusiastic to lift the core and capability of the organization. Devoted to the community of Transhealth, the Chief of Staff will be well versed with trans and gender-diverse experiences and issues. Ideally, this candidate will possess lived experience related to the communities Transhealth serves.

While no one candidate will possess every quality outlined for this position, the ideal candidate will have the following attributes and competencies:

Passion for the Mission

The Chief of Staff will have a demonstrated, authentic, and sincere commitment to the mission of Transhealth, striving to provide comprehensive gender-affirming care across all ages. The Chief of Staff will not only live the values of Transhealth but will lead them within the organization, bringing a transformative approach and taking equity into account. This leader will maintain current knowledge on related societal, political, and health concerns for trans and gender diverse communities, advocate for gender-affirming care, and help create a more humanistic and holistic healthcare system.

People and Culture Development

The Chief of Staff will serve as an invaluable partner to the CEO and a sounding board to the Executive Team, advising on critical culture and people matters while creating strategy to further the organization’s mission while cultivating belonging across the team. With the skills and sensitivity to activate each team member’s unique strengths, this leader will use professional development resources to coach and educate all staff. An empathic individual who will utilize an ‘open mind’ and heart centered approach to leadership, the Chief of Staff will develop trust both within the Transhealth team and the larger community. The ideal leader will be a self-aware and continuous learner, clear and transparent communicator while remaining grounded in the face of challenges and adversity. Through direct and honest communication, this role will ensure every employee can describe the mission, vision, and values of Transhealth, as well as their contribution to it, and the importance of their place within the organization.

Change Management with High EQ

As the competency and capability driver of the organization, the Chief of Staff will ensure every employee understands basic business processes and concepts and ensure everyone feels valued, heard, and respected. They will possess demonstrated experience leading within an organization through a time of organizational change. A natural collaborator, the Chief of Staff will naturally earn trust and confidence to build and strengthen relationships with staff, Board, and constituents. The Chief of Staff will have a high EQ with a keen ability to understand the feelings and needs of others. Committed to bringing their whole authentic self, they will hold space for others to do so as well, ensuring employees understand the changes in the business and the resulting impact on their role and act as a key driver of structured and planful growth.

Compensation & Benefits

The salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. The base salary for this role is $140,000 to $160,000 plus a 35% bonus, a generous benefits package, and 3 weeks vacation.


Koya Partners, the executive search firm that specializes in mission-driven search, has been exclusively retained for this engagement. Michelle Bonoan and Jennifer Smith of Koya Partners have been exclusively retained for this search. Express interest in this role by https://talent-profile.diversifiedsearchgroup.com/search/v2/19519, or email Michelle and Jennifer directly at https://tinyurl.com/2p8njkp3 and https://tinyurl.com/42fc533j. All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.

Koya Partners is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to individuals living with disabilities. If you are a qualified individual living with a disability and need assistance expressing interest online, please email https://tinyurl.com/4s3eh7j9. If you are selected for an interview, you will receive additional information regarding how to request an accommodation for the interview process.

Transhealth is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+ applicants.

About Koya Partners

Koya Partners, a part of Diversified Search Group, is a leading executive search and strategic advising firm dedicated to connecting exceptionally talented people with mission-driven clients. Our founding philosophy—The Right Person in the Right Place Can Change the World—guides our work as we partner with nonprofits & NGOs, institutions of higher education, responsible businesses, and social enterprises in local communities and around the world.

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