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How to Support Pink-Jobs

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Hi, it’s Greg here, the founder and lead-maintainer of…

A Bit About Us

What started as a passion-project 8 years ago, has grown into one of the world’s largest LGBT/diversity focused job boards.

We were blown away when our passion project started seeing the likes of the NHS, Nike, and Bernie Sanders Campaign advertising their roles through us. Since then we have encouraged many brilliant companies, government bodies, and public institutions to advertise explicitly that they are LGBT friendly.

With rising cases of LGBT discrimination across the globe, it is as important as ever that employers publicly show that they value equality and diversity in the workplace, and that’s what we help them do.

Why We Need Support

As you know, we are, and always will be, completely free!

We do however have costs of our own, including hosting, bug-fixing, integrations, advertising and development work. Additionally we have hired developers and even sponsored pride events!

To date, I have covered these costs myself (it is a passion project!).

We would like keep Pink Jobs going, and to develop it further, with integrations into major platforms and applicant tracking systems, encouraging more companies to show that they value equality. However, such things are cost-prohibitive when self-funded, and with a small team.

This is why we have now set up a Patreon. If you would like to show support you can do so here:

All supporters will be displayed on the site’s ‘supporters’ page (unless you opt out), and VIP/Primary Sponsors get additional perks

Thank you for taking the time to read, and any support is greatly appreciated, even if it’s just a ‘like’ on this post 🙂

Kind Regards,

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